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Climate from Fuerteventura

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The climate on the island of Fuerteventura is desert, there is a significant lack of rainfall and occasionally very weak, with a rainfall exceeding 100mm in some. by mt2, mountains on the island, with little altitude,fail to catch the prevailing winds that bring the water as desired, this creates a desolate landscape with little vegetation and low water reserves, occasionally every 8 or 10 year cycles, torrential rain in a very short rainfall, but they are almost more destructive beneficial to inundate some roads, there is no danger if it acts with restraint, but what we have is alot of sun, with about 3000 annual hours of bright light, accompanied by consistent and powerful winds from the northwest (the trades) that balance the temperature of the Island with a continuous supply of moisture-laden winds, these are the two features to note in this inhospitable land, heat, sun and wind, which remain regular for most of the year, we can expect average temperatures of 30 º degrees (fahrenheit) during the day and about 12 º degrees (fahrenheit) at night, although this is an average which is not always true, in times of summer, periods have been recorded in the turbulent figures around 44 degrees (fahrenheit) burst onto the Island when the winds of the South African or Southeast, which are warm and very dry, very specific occasions of the year come with dust (haze) and winter temperatures have been recorded of 1 or 0 º degrees (fahrenheit) when they reach the islands icy winds coming from the European continent, but at specific moments of the year can be as extreme temperature, it is common throughout the year to enjoy a comfortable average temperature and not much difference between summerand winter, it is normal heat during the day and cool at night, characteristics of the desert climate.

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