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Fuerteventura Cycling, cycle hire and routes.

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Cycling in Fuerteventura

Cycling on Fuerteventura, cycle hire and routes.

Fuerteventura has become a landmark for cyclists, a large number of professional teams on the island are perfect for training in your favorite sport, we have an excellent climate, a network of modern roads with an asphalt quality and a vast hotel, these circumstances make it every time, more, tourists who choose to Fuerteventura as a destination for cycling.

Fuerteventura also offers a large number of companies involved in cycling are able to cover the needs of tourists who want to enjoy some cycling on vacation, we have bike rentals, a perfect choice to move and explore your area, alone or with the  family, you can go to the beach, stroll along the avenue, and more.

Cycling in Fuerteventura

On the island they have created a large number of routes and bike lanes, some in urban areas and linking other populations that run parallel to the road linking them so you can travel almost the entire island with great safety and in this way may move away from any danger with the traffic of vehicles on the roads.

If you seek adventure there are companies who can organize excursions with a guide, they have a great deal of bicycle routes throughout the island. You can also organize your own tour, if you physically fit, you can explore many places of the island with ease, watch the sun and remember to take alot of water with you.

Remember that Fuerteventura is a paradise for cyclists, both amateur and professional, visit us.


Article by Javier Nieves

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 May 2014 22:42  

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